Compliance Code of Behavior

Best Quality for Customers

1. We will strive to provide safe and high-quality products and services for customers.

2. We will strive to deal fairly with customers and build strong relationships of trust with them.
(1) We will strive to develop proper business relationships based upon mutual trust with all our business partners, including vendors, trading companies, and sub-contractors. (2) Entertainment and gift giving should be limited to the scope consistent with sound business judgment. We will strive not to engage in the giving or receiving of entertainment or gifts for unfair purposes.

3. We will grow together with customers through innovation.
 (1) We will listen carefully and sincerely to our customers’ opinions and seek to make use of those opinions in the development, manufacture and sale of our products and services. (2) If problems arise with respect to our products or services, we will strive to take prompt and appropriate measures.

Best Quality for Society and the Environment

1. We will actively work to ensure safety and to conserve the environment.
(1) Safety will be given a high priority in all our business activities. We will strive actively to ensure the safety of products and services, including the safe conduct of manufacturing operations and the proper control of chemicals. (2) We will strive actively to conserve the global environment, including biodiversity. We will strive to conserve resources and energy and to reduce and reuse waste. We will strive to develop new technologies as well as products and services that contribute to the reduction of the burden on the environment.

2. We will comply with laws and regulations and disclose and manage information appropriately.
(1) We will strive to comply with international rules; the laws and regulations of the countries where we conduct business activities; and our corporate regulations. (2) We will strive to maintain a high sense of ethics and sound business judgment and not to engage in conduct that could be suspected of illegality. (3) We will strive to comply with the Anti-monopoly Law and other relevant laws and regulations. We will strive to engage in fair and free competition and not to engage in cartels, bid rigging, or abuse of dominant bargaining position. (4) We will strive to comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other relevant laws and regulations and to perform proper export control. We will strive not to export products or technologies that may obstruct international peace and security. (5) We will strive not to infringe upon others' intellectual property rights such as trade secrets, patents, copyrights, or technical know-how. (6) We will strive to control the personal information of employees, business partners, and other third parties in a strict and proper manner in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. (7) We will strive to control confidential information in a proper manner and prevent insider trading. (8) We will strive not to engage in illegal political donations or payoffs and strive to take firm action against anti-social behavior and organizations acting against the public interest. (9) We will strive to maintain transparency in our corporate activities by disclosing in a timely and appropriate fashion corporate information, including financial data and business activity reports.

3. We will respect different cultures and customs as we work to enhance our relationship with stakeholders and society.
(1) We will strive to respect the cultures and customs of the various countries and regions where we conduct business and to enhance our relationship with society. (2) We will strive to value relationships with and to maintain and develop appropriate and friendly relations with our stakeholders, including customers, consumers, business partners, employees, shareholders, investors, and local communities.

Best Quality Behaviors

1. We will maintain a passion, a sense of purpose and the courage to develop and improve our capabilities and our work.
(1) We will maintain a passion for creating value that contributes to society and will engage in our work with high ideals and a sense of purpose. (2) We will be attentive to changes in the environment from a global perspective and consistently endeavor to identify issues and make reforms based on that awareness. (3) We will endeavor to improve our capabilities based on our awareness of our roles and will boldly take on challenges and work toward goals.

2. We will respect individuals and build a healthy and positive work environment.
(1) We will strive to respect human rights, dignity, and individuality. (2) We will strive to prevent undue discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, gender, ideology, philosophical principle, belief, disability, etc. (3) We will strive to use and nurture diverse human resources by providing opportunities for our employees to develop and utilize their abilities. (4) We will strive to create a workplace culture and environment where communication and teamwork are valued. (5) We will strive to promote well-balanced work lives for our employees by respecting their work-life balance. (6) We will strive not to allow in the workplace words or actions of a sexual nature that violate the wishes of the other party or any other words or actions that violate, beyond the level required for work, the dignity or value of another. (7) We will strive to eliminate forced labor and child labor of any form. (8) We will respect the activities of the labor union and strive to build good relations between labor and management. (9) We will strive to become a company where employees can have pride in their work through the contribution it makes to society.

3. We will work and co-operate with partners around the world and make best use of our abilities.