The Mitsubishi Rayon Group is expanding its autonomous activities to steadily raise the compliance awareness of every employee by positioning compliance in its corporate endeavors as one of its top priorities and through the formulation of the Business Code of Conduct and Compliance Code of Conduct.

Compliance promotion system

The Mitsubishi Rayon Group has established the Compliance Committee to determine the group’s policies and plans regarding compliance promotion activities under the direction of the Chief Compliance Officer. At the same time, for the purpose of upgrading the group’s compliance promotion activities, the group has assigned employees in charge of compliance promotion who manage the progress of compliance promotion activities, confirm the effectiveness of such activities, and develop improvement measures, etc. Furthermore, the group aims to enhance its compliance promotion activities by developing and improving compliance-related rules and monitoring circumstances relating to disciplinary actions, reports provided to compliance consultation desks, etc.

Compliance Promotion System

Compliance Promotion System

Thorough Compliance Education, Training and PR

We make every effort to regularly conduct education, training and PR at each workplace to fully instill an awareness of shared values and our Business Code of Conduct in each employee.

Every year, basic compliance training via e-learning is conducted specifically for assistant sales managers and new managers in order to test their knowledge and understanding of compliance in such areas as customers, partners, competitors and society. In addition, we hold workshops for approximately 400 managers and group leaders given their key role in promoting compliance. The workshops focus on increasing one's own sensitivity towards compliance and becoming more attuned to the latest information on this topic. We also conduct group discussions mainly on workplace issues with the purpose of raising awareness of compliance among employees and deepening communication during daily operations at every workplace.

Using internal databases, we publish the Compliance Report every month to showcase good compliance actions as well as publicize such issues as relevant laws and behaviors subject to disciplinary action. The Compliance Report serves as part of our employee education and awareness raising activities.

Compliance Awareness Survey

In order to confirm the status of compliance promotion, the compliance awareness survey was conducted for the first time targeting Mitsubishi Rayon employees in conjunction with each Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group company. Survey results are conveyed to employees, used to confirm current compliance status and promote future compliance promotion activities.

Compliance Consultation Desk

In order to rapidly identify and appropriately address compliance infringements, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group has set up two external compliance consultation desks staffed by attorneys and operated by a specialist management company and two in-house desks staffed by corporate auditors and operated by the Internal Control office. All of these desks form a consultation and reporting system that the Company utilizes in its efforts to appropriately manage and promote compliance. The privacy and human rights of everyone using this service is protected, the information gathered is not handled in a disadvantageous manner, and steps are taken under the direction of the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to remedy problems as soon as possible.

Compliance Activities in Overseas Group Companies

The legal framework, culture, and social system are different in each country or area, and therefore, it is necessary to carry out compliance promotion activities that meet the circumstances of each country or area. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings America Inc. in North America, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Europe GmbH. in Europe, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (Beijing) Co. and other regional supervisory companies of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation group in China, and key companies in other Asian countries are playing a central role in providing training and e-learning services to managers and employees at group companies. In addition, Mitsubishi Rayon (Shanghai) Co. is developing and promoting compliance plans in China.