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Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. delisted its stocks from Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange as of September 28, 2010.
And the holding company of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation has listed its stocks on both stock exchanges.
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation's website is here.

Financial Results

FY2010 (ended March 2011) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 128KB)
FY2009 (ended March 2010) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 150KB)、2nd Quarter(PDF 156KB)、3rd Quarter(PDF 84KB)、Full Year(PDF 96KB)
FY2008 (ended March 2009) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 92KB)、2nd Quarter(PDF 196KB)、3rd Quarter(PDF 162KB)、Full Year(PDF 216KB)
FY2007 (ended March 2008) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 164KB)、1st Half(PDF 228KB)、3rd Quarter(PDF 164KB)、Full Year(PDF 224KB)
FY2006 (ended March 2007) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 110KB)、1st Half(PDF 202KB)、3rd Quarter(PDF 116KB)、Full Year(PDF 240KB)
FY2005 (ended March 2006) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 80KB)、1st Half(PDF 294KB)、3rd Quarter(PDF 65KB)、Full Year(PDF 276KB)
FY2004 (ended March 2005) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 68KB)、1st Half(PDF 96KB)、3rd Quarter(PDF 173KB)、Full Year(PDF 173KB)
FY2003 (ended March 2004) *consolidated
1st Quarter(PDF 16KB)、1st Half(PDF 132KB)、3rd Quarter(PDF 64KB)、Full Year(PDF 108KB)
FY2002 (ended March 2003)
1st Half(PDF 208KB)、Full Year(PDF 160KB)
FY2001 (ended March 2002)
1st Half(PDF 192KB)、Full Year(PDF 124KB)
FY2000 (ended March 2001)
1st Half(PDF 132KB)、Full Year(PDF 30KB)
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Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders

The 85th
Notice of Convocation (PDF)、Notice of Resolutions (PDF)
The 84th
Notice of Convocation (PDF)、Notice of Resolutions (PDF)
The 83th
Notice of Convocation (PDF)、Notice of Resolutions (PDF)
The 82th
Notice of Convocation (PDF)、Notice of Resolutions (PDF)
The 81th
Notice of Convocation (PDF)、Notice of Resolutions (PDF)
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Dividends (per Share)
Interim Year-end For the Year
FY2010(ended March 2011) ¥0.0 - ¥0.0
FY2009(ended March 2010) ¥0.0 ¥0.0 ¥0.0
FY2008(ended March 2009) ¥3.0 ¥1.0 ¥4.0
FY2007(ended March 2008) ¥5.5 ¥5.5 ¥11.0
FY2006(ended March 2007) ¥5.0 ¥5.0 ¥10.0
FY2005(ended March 2006) ¥4.0 ¥5.0 ¥9.0
FY2004(ended March 2005) ¥3.5 ¥3.5 ¥7.0
FY2003(ended March 2004) ¥3.0 ¥3.0 ¥6.0
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