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Organization of Mitsubishi Rayon Group

Corporate Staff
President Corporate Planning Division
Integration Project Office
New Business Promotion Office
Safety, Environment & Quality Assurance Department
Audit Office
Export Control Office
MMA AN Business Bloc
MMA AN Administration Department
MMA AN Technology Administration Office
Chemicals Division
Mitsubishi Rayon Lucite Group
AN Division
Specialty Chemicals, Resins & Plastics Business Bloc
Specialty Chemicals, Resins & Plastics Administration Department
Specialty Chemicals, Resins & Plastics Technology Administration Office
Specialty Resins & Plastics Division
Specialty Chemicals Division
Ryoko Co., Ltd.
Carbon Fiber & Composite Materials Business Bloc
Carbon Fiber & Composite Materials Administration Department
Carbon Fiber & Composite Materials Technology Administration Office
Quality Assurance Department
Carbon Fiber & Composite Materials Division
Composite Products Division
Fibers Business Bloc
Fibers Administration Department
Fibers Technology Administration Office
Fibers Division
Cigarette Tow Division
Aqua Solution Business Bloc
Mitsubishi Rayon Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.
Aqua Solution Division
Flocculating Division
Osaka Branch
Overseas Service Bases
Production Technology-Manufacturing Bases
Production Technology Administration Department
Otake Production Center
Toyohashi Production Center
Toyama Production Center
Yokohama Production Center
Utilities Center
Research & Development Administration Department
Intellectual Property Department
Ootake Research Laboratories
Yokohama Research Laboratories
Toyohashi Research Laboratories
Production Technology Laboratories
Purchasing & Logistics Department
Clerical Staff
Internal Control Department
Human Resources Department
Diversity Promotion Department
General Administration Department
Control and Finance Department
Information Systems Planning Office

as of April 1, 2016