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Basic Management Policy

The Mitsubishi Rayon Group, as reflected in our corporate philosophy “Best Quality for a Better Life,” is aiming to provide solutions to issues facing society and the environment and to contribute to sustainable development of people, society, and the earth by achieving KAITEKI* as a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group.

Our medium-term management plan beginning in fiscal 2016, APTSIS 20, focuses on three key phrases—“growth,” “ending Japan-centrism,” and “differentiation”—in the aim of making Mitsubishi Rayon a high-growth, high-profitability corporate group. Our fundamental management policies for achieving this goal are set out below.

Achieving KAITEKI on a Truly Global Level

We aim to be “THE KAITEKI COMPANY,” a business operating truly global level that grows sustainably and provides solutions to issues facing people, society, and the earth through its activities. Prevention of work injuries, accidents, and legal violations is a fundamental prerequisite for achieving KAITEKI, and we will further strengthen our efforts in this direction.

Ensuring Thorough Portfolio Management

We will build a business model capable of sustainable growth and objectively evaluate the assets we have accumulated, including tangible assets such as production and development facilities and human resources, and intangible assets such as technology platforms, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Strengthening Global Management

By determining business strategy based on unified information and developing optimal production and sales systems customized for regional attributes such as market trends and raw materials procurement, we will build competitive operational structures compatible with ongoing future growth.

Enhancing Manufacturing or “Monozukuri” Capabilities

In addition to assuring the safety and stability of our operations, we will orchestrate all of our global business strengths, not only at production sites, but also in research and development, sales, purchasing, and logistics. By sharing issues and goals, we will build stronger management structures.

Utilizing People’s Capabilities—Promoting True Diversity

We will manage our operations so that all employees can demonstrate their capabilities to the full and work with enthusiasm, self-motivation, and initiative in a cohesive organizational environment with close communication. To utilize people’s capabilities in this way, we will create satisfying and fulfilling workplaces through Corporate Health Management.

*KAITEKI means “a sustainable condition which is comfortable for people, society and the Earth, transcending time and generations.” It is an original concept of the MCHC Group that proposes a way forward in the sustainable development of society and the planet, in addition to serving as a guide for solving environmental and social issues.