The Mitsubishi Rayon Group's CSR


Basic Concept

As a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group, Mitsubishi Rayon Group's aim as a corporate group is to realize a comfortable and truly sustainable condition, that is to say, KAITEKI, for people, society and the earth. To this end, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group strives to encourage each and every employee to practice its corporate philosophy of "Best Quality for a Better Life" as embodied in the Group's "Corporate Behavior Charter," and actively works toward global business development. In doing so, the Group strives to create expected value by obtaining a higher level of trust from various stakeholders and global society.


The Mitsubishi Rayon Group and Its Main Stakeholders

Building relationships of trust with stakeholders is the most important aspect in carrying out CSR activities. Building on a cumulative process of interactive dialogue, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group will accurately reflect the opinions, expectations and needs of stakeholders in our business activities and cooperate with stakeholders in an effort to ensure the sustainable development of society.

The Mitsubishi Rayon Group and Its Main Stakeholders


CSR Implementation Structure

The Mitsubishi Rayon Group's CSR structure has instituted a CSR Management Meeting as a decision-making meeting mechanism that encompasses CSR activities as a whole. CSR Management Meetings are chaired by the president and comprised of Management Meeting members, which includes corporate auditors. In addition to sharing and evaluating the CSR activity details and progress, CSR Management Meetings serve as a forum to deliberate on and determine Group CSR activity plans.
The CSR Management Meeting oversees a CSR activity proposal and promotion structure that comprises the Risk Management Committee, Safety, Environment & Quality Assurance Committee, Compliance Committee, and Information Security Committee. Each of these committees formulate activity plans on an individual presiding theme basis. Once a matter is determined at the CSR Management Meeting level, each committee then works diligently to promote specific activities.

Organization chart

As of April 1, 2016

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