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Adhering closely to its Corporate Philosophy, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group will continue to fulfill its social responsibility and thereby contribute to a sustainable society and the realization of KAITEKI.

Around the world today, we face multitude of issues. In addition to environmental issues, such as global warming, climate change and air pollution, concerns of natural resource and energy depletion, and biodiversity destruction, other issues include rapid population growth, food and water shortages, aging populations with declining birthrates, severely lopsided wealth distribution, human rights abuses, and religious and racial unrest. Of course, there is no way that any one corporation could singlehandedly find solutions to all these issues. Nevertheless, the Group believes that every corporation bears a responsibility to confront such issues and to work to help find needed solutions through its corporate activities. We also believe that pursuing such activities is essential to the survival of any corporation in modern society.

As a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group, Mitsubishi Rayon Group's aim as a corporate group is to realize a well-balanced and truly sustainable condition, that is to say, KAITEKI, for people, society and the earth. To this end, we practice KAITEKI management based on three management concepts-Management of Economics (MOE), Management of Technology (MOT), and Management of Sustainability (MOS), which we employ to clarify targets and results, and the understanding thus gained enables us to improve our activities further. In this way, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibility as a company, thereby developing into a corporate group that helps to realize KAITEKI.

The Group's Corporate Philosophy is "Best Quality for a Better Life." "Best Quality" is not something we insist on only when it comes to products and services. We are working to help customers to realize a "Better Life" by applying the "Best Quality" standard to the development of personnel and other management resources as well as when dealing with business partners, customers and members of global and local communities. In this sense, our Corporate Philosophy expresses our commitment to pursuing "Best Quality" and contributing to sound social development. By acting on this commitment we realize a society that is truly KAITEKI.

We consider safe and stable operations to be an important factor in fulfilling our responsibility to society in this way, through business activities aiming for KAITEKI. In accordance with the Mitsubishi Rayon Group's Basic Policies and Action Guidelines on safety, the environment, and quality assurance, we make safety and the environment our top priorities as essential prerequisites for corporate existence. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations. We will continue to place the highest priority on assuring safety and protecting the environment in all our corporate activities, allocate human resources and equipment appropriately and adequately, and maintain and improve safety.

* KAITEKI is an original concept of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, meaning a sustainable condition which is comfortable for people, society and the Earth, transcending time and generations.

Hitoshi Ochi
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd