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Main products of the Mitsubishi Rayon Group.
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We produce and supply metyl methacrylate (MMA), acrylonitrile (AN) and AN derivatives.

MMA Monomer (Methyl Methacrylate Monomer)
Methacrylic Acid
Methacrylic Esters        
Chelating Agents
Organic solvents
Acrylonitrile Homepage
Acrylamide Homepage


Mitsubishi Rayon Group manufactures a wide range of plastics, most notably acrylic resin (PMMA), which is valued for its excellent transparency, unique optical features, and strong weatherability.

Acrylic Sheet 《SHINKOLITE》 Homepage
Acrylic Molding Material 《Acrypet》 Homepage
Acrylic Film 《Acryplen》 Homepage
Plastic Modifier 《Metablen》 Homepage
Large Water Tanks (Aquarium Panels) Homepage
Solid Surface Material 《Du Pont™ CORIAN®》

Coating Materials

Acrylic Resin for Paints and Inks 《Dianal》
Plastisol-use Acrylic Powder 《Dianal LP》
UV Curable Coating 《Diabeam》
UV Curable Super-hard Coating for Plastics 《Rayqueen》

Information Materials

Plastic Optical Fiber 《Eska》 Homepage
rod lens arrays 《Rodscope》
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Resin 《Pyrofil》pellets
Polyester Resin for Toner for Printers 《Diacron》
ABS Resin Homepage


Mitsubishi Rayon Group is the only synthetic acrylic & acetate fiber manufacturer in the world that diligently takes advantage of new technology to develop unique specialty materials. At the same time, we have have also developed polyester fiber and polypropylene fiber.

Acrylic Fibers
Wet-spun Fiber 《Vonnel》
Wet Core-in-Sheath Acrylic Fiber 《Corebrid》
Micro Acrylic Fiber 《Thymian》《Miyabi》《Pitica》《Fede》
Anti-pilling Acrylic Fiber 《Vonnel H6 Series》
Antibacterial Deodorant Acrylic Fiber 《newtafel parclen》
Short-Cut Acrylic Fiber 《Vonnel M.V.P》
Commpounnd Atilic Fiber 《A.H.F》
Deodorant Acrylic Fiber 《CUTELY》
Acetate Fibers Homepage
Tri-Acetate Filament Yarn 《Soalon》
Di-acetate Filament Yarn 《Lynda》
The “Pulsating Fiber” 《Ventcool》
Acetate-polyester Composite Fiber 《Ventdry》
Di-acetate Tow
Polyester fibers Homepage
Polyester Filament Yarn 《Soluna》
Suitable for Cationic-dyeing at Normal Pressures 《A.H.Y.》
Polypropylene Fibers
Polypropylene Filament Yarn 《Pylen》

Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials

Carbon fibers are stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.The Mitsubishi Rayon Group possesses both PAN-based and pitch-based carbon fibers, and makes use of its consistent product chain stretching from carbon fibers to intermediate materials and molded products based on carbon fibers. Our carbon fiber products are used in a wide range of applications that include sporting goods, industrial materials, airplanes, satellites, and automobiles, as well as being used in the environmental field.

Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials
PAN-based carbon fiber 《Pyrofil》 Homepage
Pitch-based carbon fiber 《Dialead》 Homepage
Carbon Fiber Composite Roller 《Carboleader》 Homepage
Golf-club Shafts

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