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Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials

Carbon fibers are stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. The Mitsubishi Rayon Group possesses both PAN-based and pitch-based carbon fibers, and makes use of its consistent product chain stretching from carbon fibers to intermediate materials and molded products based on carbon fibers. Our carbon fiber products are used in a wide range of applications that include sporting goods, industrial materials, airplanes, satellites, and automobiles, as well as being used in the environmental field.

Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials

PAN-based Carbon Fiber 《Pyrofil》

Pitch-based Carbon Fiber 《Dialead》

Carbon fibers are one quarter the weight of steel but have about 10 times the strength; thereby creating a light and tough material that is stronger than conventional metal materials. Carbon fibers have a variety of features that include being electrically conductive, strongly wear-resistant, and transparent to X-rays. They are mainly used in composite materials in combination with plastics.
Mitsubishi Rayon's carbon fibers have obtained the Japan Industrial Standard of quality management system for the aerospace and defense industry (JIS Q 9100), and we are continuing to raise our quality control levels further still.

PAN-based Carbon Fiber 《Pyrofil》
PAN-based carbon fibers are made from acrylic fibers carbonized at a high temperature and created precisely using many layers of carbon molecules. It has excellent balance in terms of performance, cost, and ease of use.

Pitch-based Carbon Fiber 《Dialead》
Pitch-based carbon fiber uses pitch obtained when coal undergoes dry distillation as a raw material. It is characterized by high vibration damping*, high thermal conductivity rates* and excellent tension modulus.

*Vibration damping: Speed of vibration attenuation
*Thermal conductivity rate: Speed at which temperature is conducted

Carbon fibers tow

Carbon fiber tow is a bundling of carbon filaments in units of between several thousand and several tens of thousands. It can be processed in various ways, such as weaving cloth fabric, prepregging, and so on. We also offer a large tow that processes transmission and performs like the regular tow does for industrial grade (PAN-based Carbon Fiber, P330 Series) tow.

Intermediate materials (Cloth and Prepreg)

We offer materials in a variety of forms, including woven cloth and UD prepreg – uni-directional carbon fibers impregnated with resins.
These materials are used in the wide range of applications such as manufacturing of sporting goods, machinery parts and medical equipment, as well as the civil engineering and aerospace industries.

Chopped fiber

Short fiber prepared by cutting carbon fiber in lengh of a few millimeters.Used as reinforcing materials.

Fabricated composite products

We also manufacture fabricated composite products, including machinery parts such as robotic arms, manufacturing tools for the aerospace industry, and automobile parts.
Carbon roll is used in a wide variety of fields, including the manufacture of liquids and films and printing and papermaking. Our highly heat-resistant C/C composite is used as a brake material in a wide variety of vehicles ranging from racecars to airplanes.

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    Pitch-based Carbon Fiber


PAN-based Carbon Fiber 《Pyrofil》:
PYROFIL Department

Pitch-based Carbon Fiber 《Dialead》:
DIALEAD Composite Department

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Carbon Fiber Composite Roller


CARBOLEADER is a pitch-based carbon roller simultaneously realizing lightweight, high stiffness and a high critical number of revolutions. The product is used in a comprehensive range of fields including LCDs, film manufacturing, printing, and papermaking and substantially contributes to improve production quality, acceleration of production speed, and productivity improvement by reduced defect rates and cost reduction.

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DIALEAD Composite Department

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Golf-club Shafts

Mitsubishi Rayon's carbon-fiber processing technologies are highly sought after for golf-club shafts. We provide support to many tour players through our own high-performance brand. In addition, we supply shafts to a number of golf-club makers on an OEM basis.

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