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Water-related Products for the Home

Household Water Purifiers

   Our surveys have shown that roughly 50% of homes in urban areas use household water purifiers; for this reason, R&D aimed at more advanced, next-generation water purifiers that are designed to meet changing environmental conditions has grown increasingly important. Mitsubishi Rayon has a varied lineup of products which remove all of the 13 Substances to be Removed as specified in the Household Device Quality Display Law, including trihalomethane, lead, mold odor, and agricultural chemicals. We have developed and put on the market CSPX, which attaches directly to the faucet, our on-the-counter type EMINENT II, our under-the-sink type alkali ion water purifier CLEANSUI U-AL680, and our on-the-counter alkali ion water purifier Alkali AL001. Further, we have been striving to develop products with excellent design for uses away from the sink, such as our pitcher-type water purifier CSP4.
02 CLEANSUI pitcher   02 CLEANSUI

Water Purifiers for Commercial Use

   While we have focused on water purifiers for household use, we have also developed and brought to market the MP02 water purifier, designed for use by restaurants and other establishments, so that the benefits of clean water may be enjoyed outside the household too.

Water-related Products for the Household other than Purifiers

    We are aiming to expand and create markets for water purifiers related products for use in bathrooms, sinks and anywhere in the house, that will improve the living standard. We currently marketed such products as the PURE PURE series of dechlorinating showerheads and BATH DE PURE PURE, dechlorinating attachments for bath taps, and our R&D is aimed at expanding our range of products in this area.

Life Care Field (Balneotherapy Device)

A smaller device for household
    In 1998 the Mitsubishi Rayon Group joined a balneotheraphy organization established by a number of medical researchers, in the role of device developer and manufacturer, and since that time we have engaged in a variety of research activities. The Mitsubishi Rayon balneotherapy devices (MR artificial carbon dioxide spring) series have been developed and produced based on the fruits of this research using a special hollow fiber membrane. Because this membrane is gas-permeable but does not allow liquid to pass through, carbon dioxides gas dissolve efficiently in warm water. These are the first devices worldwide that enable the production of bathwater with a super-saturated level of carbon dioxide (over 1000 ppm). The primary model in this series has been CARBOMEDICA, which is designed for use by medical institutions. We have also developed and brought to market CC CARBO, a smaller device for household use, a full-body bath device for commercial use, and a full-body bath device for household use. These devices are being utilized not only in households, but in a broad array of fields, ranging from spas to sports.

Industrial Applications
(Products for Water Purification, Sewage Treatment and Industry)

Sewage Treatment

   As environmental issues are concerned, it is critical that water treatment technology provide devices with greater capabilities and more compact size, in order to address these problems on a global scale. Membrane bioreactor (MBR) processes, which were developed for this purpose, are now recognized as a standard treatment technology. Mitsubishi Rayon has conducted complete development, from the hollow fiber membrane to the usage technology, and as a result our MBR hollow fiber membrane maintains a large share of this market, even being used in manufacturing plants. Starting in April 2005, at our Toyohashi plant, we have been manufacturing our new hollow fiber membrane Sterapore SADF TM for use in waste water treatment. Sterapore SADF TM is recognized for its high water purifying capability and durability, and for its outstanding resistance to chemicals, and we have received many inquiries concerning it both from within and outside Japan. In South Korea and China its use in some of the largest MBR facilities in the world has been decided. In the future we expect to build on this market record and expand our share in the waste water treatment field further.

Water Purification Plants

   The problems faced by Japan’s water supply include the difficulty of water purification caused by the deteriorating quality of water sources and the problem of securing land for use as water purification plants. The academic, public and private sectors have joined together in research to solve these problems. Since 2002, R&D under the framework of the e-Water Project (R&D directed toward water purification technologies with reduced environmental impact) has focused on membrane filtration devices for large-scale water purification plants. In addition to our participation in the e-Water project, we have made use of our expertise in this field to develop STERAPORE LFB, a large-scale infiltration membrane module. We are also engaged in R&D aimed at developing and expanding markets for a wide range of water purification products for large-scale purification plants, small-scale plants, and filters for water supplied to factories.