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Fiber related Materials

Fashion: Evolving with the Times and New Features

   In the field of fibers, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group creates materials with unique properties by applying our technologies for modifying, forming and giving functionality to acrylic fibers, polyester filaments, acetate fibers, and polypropylene filaments. These materials are used in a wide range of applications, including textiles, bedding, interior materials, furniture, automobile interiors, and other general uses. Research and development, which is carried out at the Corporate Research Laboratories, Fiber Development Center and technology units, is performed under an integrated framework that covers from basic research on new fibers applied research on materials with direct business applications. Also, our acrylic yarn VONNEL, our polyester long yarn A.H.Y., our acetate long yarn SOALON, LYNDA , and VENTCOOL have been certified as being Class 1 according to the Ecotex 100 Standard, the international safety standard for textiles based on amounts of harmful substances included. We strive to develop materials that satisfy all safety considerations.

Acrylic Fibers

    Our short yarn VONNEL has a wide range of applications, from furs to sweaters to underwear. Our materials research now centers on fabrics with new functions and improved textures through core-in-sheath composite spinning technology, non-circular section raw cotton to expand operations in the pile field, materials for "Warm Biz" winter office men's wear, etc. In particular, our Corebrid™ , the world's only wet-spun acrylic yarn using core-in-sheath composite spinning technology, won the 2005 Textile Composite Prize (sponsored by Senken Shimbun (Daily Textile News) Co.) and is known for its outstanding characteristics.
   The filament fiber SILPALON is a material for women's apparel having outstanding luster; it is the only fiber of its kind in the world. Our R&D is focusing on giving it new functionality and a variety of appearances. Recently we have been developing this yarn further to give it UV blocking, moisture absorption, and quick drying properties.
   GLORE is the world's only man-made acrylic leather, created using our superfine spinning technology. We are expanding the product line-up by developing grain-side coloring and other post-processing techniques. We are also expanding the applications for the short-cut fiber MVP for functional paper, including novel filters and separators for battery cells.
white conductive fibers
High class pilling by the use of

Polyester Fibers

   With a goal of achieving a balanced market presence across such fields as women’s apparel, functional textiles, and materials, we are seeking to maximize the potential in our composite spinning technologies, as we develop next-generation compound-fiber yarn made from polymer-modified fibers.
   For women’s apparel, we are developing materials, to be used in combination with triacetate fibers, that emphasize fashion, feel and appearance. Recently we have succeeded in developing a fine denier, high strength polyester yarn, and are developing a composite textile with high density for ladies' outer wear, exploiting the unique features of tri-acetate. In the field of functional textiles, for use in such products as sporting wear, uniforms and inner wear, we are developing materials suitable for compositing with diacetate fibers and fibers using recycled PET. In the field of decorative materials, we are modifying and improving A.H.Y., our propriety fiber that can be cationic dyed at normal pressure, to develop materials for use in such products as lace curtains and embroidery. Recently, we have added to our supple A.H.Y. fabric a silky gloss, and a rich feeling of fullness and weave texture with our special weaving and stretching technology, resulting in the new Self-stretch A.H.Y.. We are currently working to still further expand the A.H.Y. family.
  Polyester filament yarn made entirely of recycled PET bottles, certified ecology mark The high capillary tube effect by large surface area and pore between fibers produces outstanding sweat-absorbent and quick-drying.  
Recycled polyester fiber

Acetate Fibers

   Because they have the same characteristics as natural fibers and because their biodegradability makes them environmentally friendly, acetate fibers based on natural pulp have developed a solid reputation. Our R&D in this field is focusing on women’s apparel having a cooling function that takes advantage of these fibers’ moisture-retention properties as well as excellent feel and colorability. We are also developing filaments for preliminary materials and tow for tobacco filters.
   Our primary research focus in the field of filaments is the development of fibers with novel functions that put to full use our mixed spinning and composite spinning technologies; one such product that has been extremely well-received is VENTCOOL, a humidity-sensitive fiber. We are also developing novel processing technologies for textile development and advanced textilization.Mitsubishi Rayon is Japan's only diacetate textile maker and the world's only triacetate textile maker. We are now putting great effort into developing composite textiles exploiting these strengths, together with our exclusive special length polyester yarn.
   Further, we are carrying out R&D for a new tobacco filter which improves tobacco flavor and greatly limits tar, nicotine, and risk in cigarettes (PREPs).

Polypropylene Fibers

product sample of PP non-flammable fibers
   Spun-dyed propylene filament yarns are attracting attention as a material that puts low burden on the environment. Mitsubishi Rayon is one of the top Japanese makers of these filament yarns, primarily for carpets and manufacturing materials. However, with the globalization of the raw yarn price and the increasing inflow of foreign products, there is demand for a group of materials and corresponding applications which are clearly different from those available from overseas, so that there are niches for both in the carpet and manufacturing materials markets.   Thus, we are concentrating research efforts in giving new functions to these materials, utilizing our technology for incorporating materials in yarn during spinning.
   We have developed a yarn with flattened cross section simulating animal fur for use in carpets, and an odor extinguishing yarn incorporated with deodorant in the spinning stage. We are planning development of high-grade carpets for homes and floor mats for cars, utilizing polypropylene's inherent lightness, heat retention, and water washability (quick drying).
   In the manufacturing materials field, we are making improvements on our flame- and light-resistant material Valsar-P.II â to make it suitable for the protective mesh around house construction sites. Sales of our flame-resistant polypropylene materials to housing builders etc. are steadily growing. We expect the applications of flame-resistant materials to expand in the future, and we will be adding sophisticated new functions to these materials. In the clothing materials field, we are studying visual models which will bring across the strengths of polypropylene such as dryness to the touch and lightness to consumers, manufacturing technology for fine filament yarns, and composite technology combining polypropylene with other materials.