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New Businesses

The Never-ending Challenges for the Future

   The development of new businesses is one of the Mitsubishi Rayon Group’s most important operational goals. It takes many years to get a new business up and running, from R&D to marketing and product development. And investing in venture businesses and forming business affiliations require the ability to make important decisions swiftly.
   At Mitsubishi Rayon, we seek new business opportunities by developing new projects that are based on existing businesses, and by being open-minded in our selection of those new businesses that appear most promising in light of the technical innovation taking place around the world. Affiliations with overseas partners and mergers and acquisitions also remain important options in our quest for new businesses.

DNA Chips

DNA chip
a dedicated DNA chip open laboratory
   A DNA chip is a microchip with a substrate on which many types of capture DNA are lined up and fixed with high density, allowing simultaneous analysis of many genes. It is a powerful tool for analysis of genes in genome research, and is attracting great attention from around the world.
   Mitsubishi Rayon has developed the new fibrous type DNA chip GENOPAL, combining technologies we have developed for filament yarns, resins, and biology. We are pursuing R&D to further improve the functions of our DNA chips, and are engaged in joint development projects with leading research organizations.
   It is expected that, in addition to its use as an indispensable tool for future order-made medical treatment, the DNA chip will be used in a broad range of other fields, from foodstuffs, to health care and environmental issues. By conducting the DNA Chip Open Lab. at Yokohama Corporate Research Laboratories, we will strive to understand the needs of users and develop new applications.

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