In order to acquire new basic technologies, leading edge technologies, and technologies outside our core competencies, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group is actively engaging in and promoting various forms of outsourcing with industrial, governmental and academic partners. This includes commissioning universities and other academic institutions with R&D work, engaging in joint R&D, and working on national projects. The goal here is to accelerate technological development.

Contracted research, joint research

   We are currently engaged in research in approximately 50 themes with universities and other institutions both at home and abroad.

National projects
   Examples of projects in which we are currently engaged are as follows.
Project of Creating Nanocarbon-applied Products (METI)
Development of Technology for the Creation and Processing of Structural Components for Next Generation Aircraft (METI)
Strategic Development of Technology for the Rational Use of Energy (METI)
Development of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Textile Processing Technology (METI)
Development of a Fibrous DNA Chip for Determination of Allergenic, Non-allergenic Foodstuff Components (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)